Design Work

Need design work for an educational project? Some services are available for no cost. Contact me for more information.

Adobe Illustrator satellite vector graphics ©2015:


Brush pen drawings ©2015:

Voyager Spacecraft Pen Drawing Thank You Card
Voyager spacecraft thank you card

Black Bear Greeting Card Hello

Independence day designs based on vintage fireworks art, created in Photoshop using hand-drawn images and (some) lettering ©2015:

Vintage Fireworks Poster Chinese DragonVintage Fireworks Poster Elephant Sparklers Vintage Fireworks Poster Astronaut Stars

A game board design for Sans-Papiers, created in Photoshop ©2015:

Board Game Map of France Paris

This 19th-century business card project, designed as a Photoshop learning experience, was featured on

The original card. (Image is public domain.)
Antique Business Card
My version, using a variety of Photoshop tricks. Copyright 2015.

Publicity materials to attract students to department courses and events:

This event was attended by several hundred students.

This course filled to capacity with a wait list.

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